I wanna write more

May 27th 2011

This blog has been silent for a few days and I’ve seen this pattern before. It’s not that I grow tired of writing, it’s simply that sometimes I don’t think I’ve something interesting enough to write about.

Shawn Blanc makes a good argument:

In a way, I have to pretend that I’m the only site out there. That if someone was interested in the things I’m interested in, how then would they find out about those things unless I wrote about them? I can’t pass by something I find exciting or interesting because I see that others are already talking about it. That would be a road to silence.

Let me bend this on myself: if I don’t write, how can you get to know me? That would not be a road out of silence. I trust my judgment on certain stuff: while I don’t even have the slightest idea about sports, I breath technology every day. I also cook for myself every day and don’t write about it. I could, probably.

I’ve always been my own filter and this always brought to an end to every blog I’ve started. Let’s try not to do it this time.

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